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SALIX Caprea Pendula (Saule à chatons pleureur), C

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SALIX Caprea Pendula (Saule à chatons pleureur),
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SALIX Caprea Pendula (Saule à chatons pleureur),
SALIX Caprea Pendula (Saule à chatons pleureur),

53.50 €

Delicious small tree in retombantes branches and in kittens of velour silvered in the middle of winter.

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Wintry bloom
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SALIX Caprea Pendula



Of the family of Salicaceae, Salix caprea Pendula comes to us of the beauty of the gardens of Asia. It is still called Willow Kilmarnock, Marsault or Willow to kittens weeping. It is the variety of Salix that is transplanted. He(it) thus has a shape magnificent, weeping, with twigs surrounding in a rather compact way the trunk and who fall again up to the ground. its small development gets it at most a size of 2m for an identical width. As the size of roots is proportional in that of the tree, Salix Caprea Pendula can be without danger planted against a facade or at the edge of a pond. He cannot remove the shoes their foundations. This gives the advantage to be able to take advantage of its miniature beauty near your places of life! it is placed isolated or still in massif there where it will favor an impression of height while bringing a middle-shadow to vegetables surroundings which, according to the variety, would need it. it likes very well in jar also!

It is very ornamental in the winter fine because you will take advantage of the visual and tactile sweetness of its silvery grey kittens. He announces to him only the return of the sweetness and the good to be spring. Salix Caprea Pendula is dioïques, that is either males or female. The male kittens of Salix are colored with golden yellow thanks to the stamens(muslins) which spring on both sides from the kitten and which, with happiness for all, attract bees and attractive insects. They are very rich in nectar. Male Ce Salix has a reddish trunk. That of female Salix is more greenish and its kittens are more discreet and remain greyish. The leaves of the Salix Caprea Pendula go out after kittens. They are green silvered on the bottom and bright green on the top. it is very décotatif in spring and in summer, because of its shape parasol rounded off and regular, but also in the beginning of winter, because its twigs yellow brown delight of color the naked gardens. Plant your Salix in the sun or in the middle-shadow.

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SALIX Caprea Pendula (Saule à chatons pleureur), C

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