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RHAPHIOLEPIS Delacourii Springtime, C

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RHAPHIOLEPIS Delacourii Springtime
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RHAPHIOLEPIS Delacourii Springtime

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Very fresh blooming pink on this shrub persisting in the gleaming leaves. Rhaphiolepis is one shrub of heath earth.

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Of the family of Rosaceae, it is native of China. Rhaphiolepis has a very dense and compact round port. it is going to rise until 2m of top.

It offers plentiful one very fresh pink blooming of Mars in June with its terminal bouquets of about ten open simple flowers. Very often, it blossoms again in winter and in summer, but in lesser quantity.

Black-bluish berries take take place and add to its ornamental aspect.

Its persisting foliage steady green is gleaming. The first leaves are copper-colored covered with a light down. As all the persistent, the hurdy-gurdies leaves are renewed informed of the year by becoming red before falling.

Rhaphiolepis likes sabloneuses lands and of heather. Place in the sun in a hot location.

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RHAPHIOLEPIS Delacourii Springtime, C

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