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HELXINE Soleirolii, godet

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HELXINE Soleirolii  ( Soleirolia)
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Small hiding plant liking the humidity, persistent and which recovers the ground of its small green leaves.

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HELXINE Soleirolii



Of the family of Urticaceae, Helxine Soleirolii or Helxine de Soleirol who takes back Joseph - François Soleirol's name which discovered it and collected it in the Cape Corsica to insert it into its famous "herbarium Soleirol".

This long-lived girl is persistent, essentially invades very small dark green, gleaming leaves on the top and a little clearer on their lapel. Their shape is round and they measure between 5 and 15mm.

Helxine blooms with small very curious and discreet flowers of a pink and bright white.

It is the small plant which pushes very quickly there prennant an extraordinary recovering volume. it hides by giving a soft aspect always green of the loose stones, bottoms of shaded trees, wet hidden recesses, but also likes in jar or suspension where she allows one fallen again very graceful by furnishing the bottom of jars. Maintain the earth always a little bit wet. it is ideal in the composition of a plant Wall which it furnishes very jolimenet and quickly. Associate Helxine Soleirolii with Helxine auréa which has a more yellow foliage or still in Helxine variegata which has colorful leaves of cream. With an assortment of ferns, this plant wall will bring a freshness of matchless greenery.

keeps to contain however the expansion of the hélxine which can become too intrusive.

She likes the wet grounds, freshly rather rich. Place in middle-shadow or in the shade, but know that she likes the full sun in the fresh regions.

Resistant in the frost until-10°seulement, it will start again however of the root very easily in spring in case of big frost.

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HELXINE Soleirolii  ( Helixine Soleirolia), godet

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